Elementary school kids learn fundamentals that must be used and remembered for the rest of their schooling years. Due to COVID-19 some students are taking online school. In attempt to overcome the limitations of online school and to make learning fun, SDK Vision, wants to offer free online after school assistance to elementary kids throughout the school year, mostly focusing on homework help. We want the students to be ready for their next lessons, better understand a topic they have a hard time with during school, and build a positive outlook about learning. 

Frequently asked questions

Who will be teaching?

We have high school volunteers students who have a personal interest to educate and motivate young minds. This is a great opportunity for high schoolers and elementary students to understand one another and push each other to do better. In order to continue this we will be recruiting and training high schoolers who want to volunteer. 

What grades are able to sign up?

Currently, we are focussing on elementary school kids (Grades Kindergarten-5th).

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At what cost?

This is a free service to any students who are willing to learn and to volunteers who are willing to teach. Our main goal is to inspire and motivate our volunteers and students.


We are teaching Math, Science, and English. These subjects are the common subjects that most students often need assistance in.


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