Classes we offer


K - 5

We have high school volunteers who are very interested to offer great help for students who need assistance in the English subject. In the summer, we follow a school curriculum to get your children a head start for their upcoming school year. During school, we are able to give your child great support to successfully understand and complete homework.


K - 5

Students who are interested to learn math or need assistance to better understand the subject, we have great high school students who have a grasp of the subject. We can offer helpful tips and make learning fun by having interactive activities in the summer. During school, we would be able to offer homework help to students who are needing it.


K - 5

We have volunteers who are more than capable to teach science and explain step by step in a way it would help the student have a better understanding of the topic. Students will also get to have fun along with gaining knowledge. During the summer, we follow school based curriculum similar to the other subject, and make sure the student is understanding topics that are new to them. During school, we would provide them with the homework help they would need in order to be successful.


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